venerdì 5 ottobre 2012

spectacle blinds

La MECCANICA PADANA S.R.L. is one of the most experienced manufacturer of Special Fittings for Pipelines, Petro-Chemical and Urea plants since 1954.

The standard production consists of liners, e.g. Spectacle blinds, blanks, spacers, drip rings.

Infonet srl developed the Meccanica Padana's web site and few monhs agoo we decided to climb the google serp in the usa.

At the moment we are not in the first page searcing spectacle blind, one of our top search keywords.

now we are  at the 6th place only when we make the search from italy. Using a server proxy located in the usa we are at the 20th place seaching spectacle blinds but we are 8th if we search spectacle blind.